Studio 3 Photography - Love. Life. Style.
Who are we?
We are 20 & 30 something photographers who love, LOVE!
Our passion is creating images that move you.
Our team doesn't consist of casually acquainted employees.
Our team consists of close friends who LOVE to work together to tell your love story.  Come meet with us. You will feel our passion
 for what we do, and you will see the difference that
makes in creating memories that last a lifetime.
Clicks and Love,
Studio 3 Photography

A personal note: 
In addition to loving love and photography, we also all share a mutual love for music, movies, Chipotle, road trips for concerts & photo-shoots, VEGAS, The REDS, The BENGALS quoting hilarious movies, puppies, rainbows, long walks on the beach, Betty White, wedding cake and actually laughing out loud.
We also admit...we cry at weddings and we are proud of it!